Summer 2019 Session Pricing

Summer 2019 session pricing is based on a 6 week session starting on July 8th and 

ending on Aug 16th.  Example if your dancer dances 1 hour a week their cost would be $74 for the entire 6 week session.

Summer Camps 2019

Each camp will be 5 hours long and the cost for each camp is $68.  Please make sure to send your child to camp with a sack lunch and a water bottle.   The dates, times, and descriptions are as follows:

Beginner Dance Camp - This camp will include Jazz, Ballet  Small Routines , Flexibility, games, and a meal break.  Taught by Miss.Makayla

Aug 7th 12pm-5pm

Intro to Tumbling and Tumbling basics camp

We will focus on tumbling basics: handstands, cartwheels, forward & backward rolls, body positions, flexibility & strength, and will learn drills, terminology & proper stretching technique. We will perfect skills learned in the intro class. Then Athletes will learn a proper hollow body position, learn to punch off the floor with their toes and locked ankles, with a strong focus on round-offs. While perfecting round-offs & handstand pops, athletes begin drills for back handsprings and round-off back handsprings.

Taught by Brittany 

July 17th 12pm-5pm

Intermediate/Advanced  Tumbling camp

Athletes must have a strong round-off and basic skills, such as handstands, cartwheels & handstand pops. We will focus on back handsprings; including standing, running & series with emphasizes on good technique & confidence in skills. Develop solid standing back handspring & round-off back handspring on rod floor. We will focus on drills for round-off multiple back handsprings, standing series tumbling & back handspring rebound technique. 

For those that excel in a round-off back handspring, the athlete will be working on mastering their multiples, series tumbling & round-off back handspring back tuck.

Taught by Brittany 

July 31st 12pm-5pm

Beginner/Intermediate Hip-Hop Camp

your child will learn hip hop basics including  popping, locking, and break dancing while moving to their favorite tunes. This is a high energy camp that emphasizes rhythm, style, and personal expression through freestyle dance battles and funky choreography.

Taught by Miss.Makayla

July 14th 12pm-5pm

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